Why a boat radar system?

If you are looking for marine electronics or marine GPS units to outfit your boat, planning ahead will be your best bet in terms of getting the system you want. Gone are the days when marine GPS systems or fish finders were left to more affluent boater, as today they are becoming more and more […]
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Yacht Racing

For the person who wants to relax with the wind blowing in their face there are some interesting options available. One such pastime is that of yacht racing. While your usual yacht is built for comfortable sailing a speed yacht is a different story. You...
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Traditions in racing boats

Considering a unique Hawaiian experience? The small islands, located in the Pacific, has a wide variety of water sports and activities that make visiting the islands a memorable occasion. However, for a truly unique experience, consider racing boats in Hawaii. Dragon Boat Racing Since 1996,...
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Boat Racing Safety

As with any form of organized racing, there are rules and regulations that need to be applied and followed. Boat racing is no exception especially when safety comes into play. Due to the high speeds, boat racers are at high risk for accidents and potential...
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Key West Racing

Key West weather is phenomenally glorious in the winter months and is the peak of our tourist season. Warm tropical breezes also make it a world-famous sailing destination and like a pilgrimage, sailboats of all sizes and types make their way to the tiny island...
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Around the world Yacht Race

The Clipper Round the World Yacht race 07/08 fleet will be docking at Santa Cruz in California for a ten day stopover as it sails in after a challenging leg across the Pacific from Hawaii. By the time the Clipper Fleet docks in Santa Cruz,...
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Ferreti Yachts

No matter whether you are buying your first yacht or your tenth, you will always want to make sure that you get good value for your money. When it comes to luxury motor yachts, that usually means a yacht with an appealing style as well...
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Sydney to Hobart Race

I was running late. I didn’t mean to be. Who ever does? But I thought that on my motorcycle I could get in to the city and watch the 100 or so large yachts all take off from the start line of the Sydney to...
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Why you should own a yacht?

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The entire Clipper Fleet during crew training in the Solent

The Clipper 09-10 Round the World Yacht Race starts from the Humber on the east coast of the UK on 13 September 2009.

The Clipper Race is the only global competition where people from all walks of life can step out of their comfort zones and sign up to race 35,000-miles around the world. They come from backgrounds as varied as marketing executives,nurses, bankers, engineers and chief executives who represent more than 30 nationalities. The race is contested by ten identical stripped down 68-foot racing yachts, each sponsored by a city, region or country.

Clipper was founded by sailing legend Sir Robin Knox Johnston and the Clipper 09-10 race will be the seventh time his teams of amateur sailors will circumnavigate the planet.

The Clipper 09-10 route will take them from the Humber to La Rochelle, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, Fremantle, Singapore, Qingdao, California, Panama, Jamaica, New York, Cape Breton Island, Cork and back to the Humber, where they are due to arrive on 17 July 2010.

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In modern times, yachting is considered both a relaxing and interesting hobby, one could use it in weekend sailing getaways or for competitive racing. A yacht applies to two rather different classes of sea vessels, whether it is sailing yachts and power yachts. Usually, yachts...
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Is Yacht Racing Boring?

‘Mummy, this is really exciting!’ screeched a little girl on Plymouth Hoe, clearly surprised to find herself totally enthralled by… a yacht race of all things. She can’t have been older than eight and had obviously been an unwilling participant in the fever which gripped...
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